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My first real interest in photography came in the early 90s, when I was in Junior High School. My parents got a little point and shoot with a ZOOM! That was it...I was hooked and trying my hand at close up flowers (without a whole lot of success, as the tiny zoom on that camera was not very impressive). My interest continued into High School, where I took my first photography class, and got my first SLR and  telephoto lens. Since then, photography has been a huge passion of mine. In 2006, I took my photos to a local flea market where I sold my first few photos. I have been striving towards a career in photography ever since. In 2011, I decided to focus on Equine Photography as it has always been my favorite.  I still learn something new every time I take a photo and I hope to continue honing my skills until the day when I can no longer pick up my camera.


Gymkhana Photography

Dressage Photography

Stallion Portraits

Rodeo Photography

Ranch Cutting Photography

Canine Photography

Official Photographer at the 2012 Southern Colorado Spring Horse Expo 

Official Photographer of Nighthawk Ranch in Guffey, CO since 2012

Official Photographer at the Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days since 2013

Official Photographer at the 2013 Hanoverian Mare Inspection in Parker, CO

Official Photographer at the 2013 Holsteiner Inspection in Littleton, CO

Official Photographer for Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship 2012-2016

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